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Dick WeekleyDick Weekley has been active in the real estate business in Houston, Texas since 1971. In 1973, he formed Weekley Properties, a commercial real estate brokerage firm. In 1976, he co-founded Weekley Homes with his brother, David Weekley. Weekley Homes is a privately owned, single-family home building company operating in Houston, Texas, with 2008 sales volume in excess of $980,000,000. In 1978, Dick Weekley founded Weekley Development Company, also with his brother, David Weekley, which he currently serves as Chairman. Weekley Development develops and operates shopping centers and other real estate investments in Houston, Texas.

Dick Weekley has been active in civic and community affairs, currently including service on the Board of Directors of the Greater Houston Partnership, the Board of the Metropolitan YMCA (and Past Chairman), the Board of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas (Houston Branch), and the Executive Committee of the Governor's Business Council. Dick Weekley is Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO of Texans for Lawsuit Reform, a statewide tort reform organization dedicated to bringing fairness and balance back to Texas' civil justice system. Dick Weekley is also Co-Founder of the Quality of Life Coalition of Houston.

Weekley attended Southern Methodist University where he graduated in 1967, receiving a BA in Economics. He then served as an officer in the United States Navy, and he was a Line Officer aboard the destroyer USS Philip serving a tour of duty in Vietnam and then went to the Flag Staff of the Commander of Amphibious Forces, U. S. Atlantic Fleet.

Dick Weekley is a native of Houston, Texas. He is married to Margaret Neuhaus Weekley and is the father of three children.

Recent News:

Dick Weekley Talks Tort Reform at O’Neil Lecture

Dick Weekley, at Thursday’s William J. O’Neil Lecture, SMU alum shared with students how media affects business. Weekley is the brains behind commercial real estate brokerage firm Weekley Properties and co-founder of privately owned, single-family home building company Weekley Homes, which operates out of Houston.

But it was a project closer to his heart that Weekley spoke about at the lecture: his work for Texans for Lawsuit Reform, a statewide tort reform organization dedicated to bringing fairness and balance back to Texas’ civil justice system, of which he is Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO.


The cost of crooked lawyers; Recent wave of legal malfeasance affects us all, even reform-minded Texas
Recent wave of legal malfeasance affects us all, even reform-minded Texas

Houston Chronicle, July 13, 2005

Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has observed that 10 percent of politicians go around giving the other 90 percent a bad name.

These days, the same could be said for the growing ranks of disgraced personal injury trial lawyers who over just the last year have been fined, convicted and imprisoned for fraud, bribery, perjury and other corruptions of our system of civil justice.

Earlier this month, Richard "Dickie" Scruggs, of Mississippi, the so-called "Tort King," who made his name in asbestos and tobacco litigation, was sentenced to five years after pleading guilty to a criminal conspiracy charge that included a scheme to bribe a judge in a case over legal fees stemming from Hurricane Katrina.


Lawsuit Reform Huge Boost to Texas Economy
Economic study shows reforms have brought billions of dollars to state, created a half million jobs.

(AUSTIN, TX) April 28, 2008 – A new report by nationally recognized economist Ray Perryman shows lawsuit reforms enacted in Texas beginning in 1995 have resulted in $112.5 billion in annual spending in Texas, 499,000 new, permanent jobs and a $2.6 billion increase in state tax revenue giving Texas a resounding competitive advantage in these challenging economic times.

“Lawsuit reform has led to improvements in the Texas business climate that have generated hundreds of thousands of jobs, said Perryman. “Approximately 8.5 percent of Texas economic growth over the past decade is the result of lawsuit reform.” “Lawsuit reform has been good for Texas, bringing fairness and balance to our courts and boosting our economy, creating jobs, spurring business expansion and attracting thousands of new doctors to our state," said. TLR Chairman Richard Weekley.


Lawsuit Reform and the $54 Million Pair of Pants
San Antonio Express-News, June 25, 2007
By Richard W. Weekley

The recent report of a $54 million lawsuit against a family-owned dry-cleaning business over a pair of lost pants was a harsh reminder of the threat of outrageous litigation American businesses, large and small, face every day.


Texans for Lawsuit Reform Outlines 2007 Legislative Agenda
More Effective Civil Justice System Tops List

AUSTIN, Texas, March 1, 2007 -- Texans for Lawsuit Reform (TLR) outlines its 2007 agenda for the Texas Legislature in the feature article "Improving the Effectiveness of Our Civil Justice System" that appears in the February issue of its publication the Advocate. To view the entire publication go to Texans for Lawsuit Reform www.tortreform.com/newsletters.


DAVID WEEKLEY HOMES MAKES FORTUNE LIST Homebuilder is Recognized for Sixth Year in a Row

Houston, TX (January 8th, 2007) - One of the nation's foremost business publications has recognized David Weekley Homes in its annual rankings of business success. FORTUNE® touted David Weekley Homes as one of the “100 Best Companies to Work For.”


Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC Leader Speaks Out on $2.5 Million Political Contribution From John O'Quinn

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 18, 2006 (PRIMEZONE) -- Following today's news reports that personal injury trial lawyer John O'Quinn has made a $2.5 million contribution to a gubernatorial candidate, TLR Chairman and CEO Dick Weekley issued the following statement.


Dick Weekley: Texas Ranks "Best in the Nation" in Tort Liability Index but Report Shows More Reforms are Needed, May 15, 2006
The Pacific Research Institute (“PRI”) in San Francisco has completed the first “U.S. Tort Liability Index: 2006 Report,” a comprehensive analysis comparing the tort systems of all fifty states. After weighing 39 variables ranging from caps on punitive damages to appeal-bond caps, Texas was ranked best in the nation. Had the study been done before the 2003 tort reforms, researchers say the state would have ranked 26th.


Texas No. 1 in National Tort Liability Study, May 15, 2006
A cutting edge report just released shows that while Texas still has some glaring civil justice problems to address -- most notably the state's notorious "judicial hellholes," Texas tort reforms have strengthened the state's economy in a variety of ways and are improving the quality of life for every Texan.


Governor Hosts Authors of National Tort Liability Index, May 15, 2006
Gov. Rick Perry hosted the authors of a national study that links the tort reforms passed under his leadership to the state's booming economy, job market and business growth.